"DreamCreditUSA makes it effortless to find not only funding for your business or ideas; but also holds your hand in the process to making your company attractive to lenders. Over 39,000 places online link their visitors to DreamCreditUSA and all of its resources for entrepreneurs"
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Money for your business:

We make you more appealing to financiers and connect you with our network of lenders to find you the venture capital you need to get off the ground with your small business.


AAA Solutions:

Our only goal is to get you what you need to put you where you want to go. By tailoring an action plan to your specific needs, we help you build on the good to give you the best solutions for your business.

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Professional Guidance:

Knowing what to do to get the funding you need can be confusing. Rest assured that we're here for you. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of specialists will help you every step of the way.


learn and structure

Knowing is half the battle.

We help you understand the confusing territory of small business loans by giving you access to our wealth of modern resources. The intimate knowledge of the industry that our experienced advisors have taken the time to master can get you in the know.How lendors spend - Score Based Lending - Doing what's right

plan for funding

Proper planning goes a long way.

Complying with expert business structure and entity standards is essential to getting the attention of lenders. Having a solid foundation and financial plan of action is key to navigating the uncertain terrain of getting small business loans.Solid foundation - Planning to succeed - The Balancing act

connect with investors

It's all about who you know.

Connecting you with the right angel investor or venture capital firm can be the integral difference between success and failure for your business. It's not always about the money. Sometimes it's about the people behind it.Angel investors - Venture capital 101 - Matching entrepreneurs

grow your business

Growth is never by mere chance.

It's the result of forces working together. DreamCreditUSA isn't just about funding. We want to provide you with a complete solution for your business finance management. Our state-of-the-art software will help your budding business gain traction.How to grow your business - Breaking barriers

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"Our Customers Love DreamCreditUSA... See What The Buzz Is About"

I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me in the process of getting me some Unsecured Funding as well as getting my Business credit going,its something that we as business people need to take care of but it always seems to get put on the back burner and somehow never seems to get done. I was in a terrible situation needing some Unsecured Funding to get me though a property that Im fixing and flipping, as you know I had to put money out to purchase and fix up the property before I could sell it. Having these extra funds will carry me though until I sell the property at which time I can pay back the money I borrowed. It has been like a breath of fresh air knowing I could work though the process,without the funding this would have never happened. I signed up just about a week ago,and believe it or not Im going to be receiving unsecured funding within the next week,very cool. I would encourage anyone needing this kind of financial assistance to definitely give them the opportunity to help them through there situation and work there magic.–Mr. Krueger

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Protect Yourself

If you notice there are no claims for funding on this website. No "$50,000.00 for your business guaranteed. Funding for your business in less than 30 day"? quotes. If you get nothing else from this site please do not fall for the many unethical claims advertised on the web that offer you what you want to hear not what is real when you are at your most vulnerable. What to look for from less than reputable companies:

No clear display of contact information on website. This includes physical address. Check the address out on google to make sure you are dealing with someone in an office building and not a pack and mail or a residential neighborhood.

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

If at anytime you have a question as to the legitimacy of anyone claiming to get you funding you can call 800-929-7519 and we will be able to advise you at no cost. It is our commitment to making our industry as good as it can be.